Psychic Adviser & Intuitive Life Coach

My name is Ann Marie. As a full-time Empathic Psychic Tarot Reader 37+ Years, I offer accurate, in-depth and direct readings on the questions haunting your thoughts. Certified in Transpersonal-Hypnotherapy, an Adviser for two leading National psychic lines since 2001, I excel in spiritual readings that say the hard things with compassionate words. I will not sugar coat what I see, but deliver messages in a way I would want to be spoken to. Feel as if you are in a sunlit kitchen with an Intuitive Aunt who loves you.

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Spirit comes through me as a feeling and inner knowing I call “the Angel Frequency.” As you say your first name, I close my eyes and shuffle my well-worn cards as I go into a deep calm. The assistance of Tarot is only as a “door” to trigger even more in-depth detail. Your reading will be clear with a quick connection, in-depth detail, and compassionate honesty.


Questions that I am most asked on: relationships, career, life path, family, finances, dream interpretation, pets, Angel Messages, spiritual unrest, and messages from beyond. My reading modalities are Phone, 4-Question Email Readings, Skype and In-Person at my Angel studio. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I never tell you what to do, only what I see. You always have free will.