About Ann Marie O'Dell: Psychic Medium, Intuitive, Radio Host, Author


It is my mission to aid through what the Bible calls the 40 days and nights of the desert. I believe along with my gift of empathic vision, my survival journey as a lightworker gives wisdom, clarity, strategy, and hope. I do not analyze my gift or name my angels. We are one. My client reviews speak for my accuracy.


Daughter of 2 teachers, oldest of 4 sisters, I grew up watching my mother on stage in community theater productions, visiting museums in Chicago and eating peanut butter toast in the morning with my father. “People Watching” during museum lunches with Mom, she would ask, “What do you feel that woman is thinking? What do you think is going on in their life?” Little did she know she was tuning in my future as a full time national intuitive adviser.


I call my gift as a child “Additional Dimension Disorder”. Adapting to a world of sensory rather than logic, intuition was like a fan that ran in the background that never turned off making scholastic focus difficult. I heard the thoughts of kids around me, saw visions of my teacher in her life away from class, but the words from her mouth seemed a thousand miles away. It seemed there was no difference in the energy messages I felt from trees, animals, people and houses. At age 19 I discovered Tarot and amazed even cynics with my accuracy.


From coffee houses and summer fairs, College pubs and gift boutiques, I managed to dress in velvet by night at shops reading Tarot cards, and performing in clubs singing and playing my guitar. By day I wore chain gloves, an apron, and industrial boots to keep a paycheck coming in as a single Mom. In 2001 I became a full-time Psychic Consultant, purchased my studio and began my journey with Spiritual Gardening, adopting homeless animals, and creating a lane of Zen peace with giant-sized stone sculptures, deep resinous chimes, and Feng Shi.


With age comes profound peace of mind. My son went for an MBA and became an excellent Dad. Within a year of opening my Psychic Studio, “Marie’s Safe Haven,” I certified in Trans-Personal Hypnotherapy for better message delivery. I am proud to say I have met thousands of wonderful people around the world working for two major Psychic Lines. In 2010 I joined Achieve Radio and host a holistic spiritual show, “Tarot Joy”. I’ve written two books for empowered women with Mom, and one on my journey with “Mystic Gardening.” Maybe the greatest challenge has been marrying an animal-loving Republican Conservative. We have learned the ability to agree to disagree, and are good friends.


I love my job and see myself as an Intuitive Psychic Tarot Channel all of my life. I thank my strong mother, grandmothers and sweet intellectual father. I thank my Berlin Jewish Step Dad for teaching me the wisdom of survival with intuition. I love my sisters, each with their own unique survival story.


• I will not judge you.
• I will be truthful, but tactful.
• I will not sugar coat the truth to keep you coming back. I will tell the good with the bad.
• I will help “form” your questions when you are having trouble asking what you feel.
• I will admit when I’m over my head and refer you to qualified sources.
• I am not a fortune teller. All readings will fit within a 12-month time frame.
• I won’t play God and predict death or lifespan.
• I am an Intuitive spiritual guide, but will not encourage you to be dependent on me.
• Your path with God is your own, and you always have free will. Your privacy is sacred.

Family History

Family photo of grandfather Franklin GrewMy Grandfather, Franklin Grew, studied in the New York school of art. In 1919 he sketched and painted his way across America on the “new” Lincoln Highway. He met my grandmother, Margaretta, as he stopped for gas in State Center, Iowa. He never left. A bit of a David Thoreau type he created detailed leather bound books on the wild life and prairie plants around his acreage. As a child I remember Grandpa smelled like oil paints and would rock me in a chair surrounded by his wonderful wall sized oil paintings. Grandpa was a free spirit and chose the opposite life of his brother, Joseph.


Great Uncle “Joseph Clark Grew” – Career American Ambassador

Great Uncle “Joseph Clark Grew” – Career American AmbassadorMy Great Uncle, Joseph Clark Grew, chose the life of a career Service man and United States Ambassador. Early in his career, {around the time Grandpa was riding an Indian Harley} Joseph was Ambassador at the American Embassy in Vienna. {1921- 1924} His life mission took him to serve as American Ambassador of Denmark, Switzerland and Turkey. He was the American Ambassador in Tokyo at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the opening of war between the United States and the Japanese Empire. Like my Grandfather he lived a long, unique robust life of passion until his 80s.