Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Near California

As a seasoned Psychic Adviser, the less information you give me the clearer and more insightful your reading will be. Come with a list of questions and paper to write down information as I offer tons of information relevant to your life, love and spiritual concerns. Your privacy is sacred and you always have free will.

Connecting my Angels with your Angels I am an Intuitive Psychic Life Coach, Master Tarot Channel and Spiritual Empath. With over thirty years reading experience. I excel in direct, organic, down to earth guidance by phone, Skype or Email.


Subjects I read on are romance, career, office dispute, family, creativity and Angel messages.  With thousands of on line client accuracy reviews, my goal is to aid you in positive life choices, confirmation and validation of what you may suspect. I will never sugar coat the truth of what I see. Your future is changeable with your wise actions and you always have free will.


  • I will not judge you.
  • I will be truthful, but tactful.
  • I will not sugar coat the truth to keep you coming back. I will tell the good with the bad.
  • I will help “form” your questions when you are having trouble asking what you feel.
  • I will admit when I`m over my head, and refer you to qualified sources.
  • I am not a fortune teller. All readings will fit within a 12-month time frame.
  • I won`t play God and predict death or life span.
  • I am a Intuitive spiritual guide, but will not encourage you to be dependent on me.
  • Your path with God is your own.


  • You say your first name, and I quietly shuffle the cards tuning in to the sound of your voice. I ask you to say your name twice more and tune in as I shuffle.
  • Now I read your pure organic energy, as I channel in what I call “the Angel Frequency”. Don’t be surprised if the answer to your concern comes through almost immediately!
  • Again, no private information is needed to begin your session. After our “connection reading” feel free to ask anything you want.
  • Please know I do not read on terminal illness, lotto numbers or read further then 12 months’ time ahead.