Love is a Cigarette – Addiction, Quitting, Moving On

Moving on from an addictive relationship, no matter how bad the fighting, abuse, or distrust, is as hard to kick as a cigarette.  Weeks, months and even years later, the temptation to try just one more time, can erase all the hard work and counseling you did to move on. 


THE DESPERATE ADDICTION TO REACH OUT {just once won’t hurt me}

You went to bed completely convinced that your addiction to “the other” was over, yet, you wake up after a dream and find yourself wanting to send a quick text. What if they are not OK?  What if the dream was them reaching out to you? Lets be honest, excuses for a quick text or call, is only manipulative “fishing”.

“Hay. Have a great day.” Can lead to a conversation.  You have thrown out a hook. If the other takes the bait, the sweet addiction is satisfied.  You may like to pretend that’s good enough.  But like a cigarette one leads to another, and another, and another.  Every time you connect your soul begs to speak your heart.



Probably nothing is more humiliating than getting blocked on Social Media, or receiving “the look,”  an uncomfortable, piteous, sometimes angry glance cast your way simply because you wanted to bond.  Complete silence, the other hurtful reply, is screaming “leave me alone.”

Like a slap in the face, it hits you.  You have just been given an emotional Cancer diagnosis.  This is what it took to finally quit.  At this point, most can move on.

The other choice is stalking, silently, insidiously, hoping not to be caught, as they walk a dangerous and humiliating tight rope of shame.  These are the emotional “closet smokers.” Driving by the home of the one,they are obsessed about,  piggy backing on Social Media friends, becomes an addiction to get just one more glimpse of what they can not have.



Why is it some can quit and move on, and others go in to terminal crisis when a break up happens?  Probably, like smoking, it has a lot to do with staying away from the conditions that trigger you.  But when all else fails, and staying away from the conditions that make one go in to desperation fails, the only thing left is counseling.



Why do so many people go to Psychic Advisers?  Because they listen and do not run away like friends do when you  want to talk about your problem over and over.  Psychics are the voice without a face on the phone, or the words chatting with you as you pay per minute..and you are free to stop when ever you want. They are the person you visit for a quick reading on love, career, finances, remembering at all times you have free will.    There are many excellent Psychic Advisers, but they cannot make the pain go away. To truly move on from bad love, choose advisers who are honest with you, and will not keep you hanging on with sugar-coated truth.

By speaking to a Counselor, or Psychic Adviser, you can recover at your own pace, speak your mind, and keep friends, friends, by not becoming a battering ram of emotional pain at work or play.