Masks and Winners

Coldness..Accomplishment…Submission…Compassion…Anger… Joy;  All of these human emotions bear a mask that we constantly watch on others to judge our own validation or  to choose our next words.  In time, we will become skilled at putting on our own masks to win a job, hide our emotions or cover an inappropriate fear.  “Putting our own best forward” is encouraged, and that when we smile others will smile back. One only needs to see bald faced depression and gloom, to know the value of “masking”.   The great poker players of life can put masks on and  remove them fluidly, without a twinge of self doubt.  For some of us just to smile in a camera creates expressions of crooked  tight lipped facial freeze. Beauty pageant queens  worship masks, smearing Vaseline on their teeth to create a slippery surface for their lips to posture a powerful smile. Executive tycoons become skilled in assuming stone facial masks of intimidation and superiority.  Though no one can deny the importance of trust and being authentic, most animals on this earth take on body posturing to communicate an emotion or pack status.  Man the strategist, often masks his way to the top.

The most expensive of cosmetic products will never be as powerful as training the facial muscles to slide into the best, and most responsive expression to suit the occasion.  For this reason, “masks” can be the most life changing diplomacy tool there is.  There is not a politician, actor or world diplomat that does not mask.  Pay attention to your own masks today