Zen Dreams

Dreams are the the great hiccup in which all creatures can transcend the boundaries of time; past, present and future. From the moment children stand on a chair and  see the world from a higher perspective, they dream of the day they will have more power. We carefully sculpt our lives around  these visions, following an inner voice that guides us towards our life mission.  Our parents pick out books, movies and games to spark our mind and creativity. The violence or sweetness in our lives along the way can distort our dreams changing whether we better man kind or hide from it.


To live in Zen with ones dream is knowing if the vision is meant to be life events will fall in place like dominoes.  It is as if the frequency of the dream has a momentum all its own.  Being flexible, bending with the wind, gives the Universe permission to lead us to our dream in a way that gives us insight and perspective .  Refusing to compromise the details of our original dream leads us into self pity, blame and dead ends.  We refuse to, like childhood, stand on a chair and see the world in perspective.


Following dreams in Zen is in the knowing that they happen in their own time frame.  We can prepare for the dream, take the right classes, meet the right people and aspire with knowledge and training.  Have faith in your dream but do not nag the Universe with prayer, which may be used  like a child begging for candy, rather then in trust in God.  The details of your dream will be given to you when you give up your control and graciously allow “thy will be done”.  Do not sabotage your life mission by refusing to be flexible with original details.