Should You Read Tarot for Yourself?

Most advanced Intuitives find reading Tarot for themselves frustrating.  Often the cards pick up one’s internal struggles, doubts and inner chatter.  We are too close to our own lives.  It is no wonder that often the cards will come out negative on important questions asked of oneself.  The opposite can also come through; denials.  High priority concerns, when reading for oneself, can feel like gripping into defense mode.  Survival kicks in with cloudy realities.  After all, Tarot in itself is just a deck of paper cards. It is the connection between our subconscious and conscious, mixed with intuition, that interprets the artistic symbolism of Tarot.

Should you read Tarot for Yourself?  It’s like hiring yourself to be a therapist for you.  All humans learn to filter through what they want to hear and accept.  It isn’t unusual when reading one’s own cards to keep asking the same question in different ways until the answer most desired comes through.  Advanced readers, when channeling professionally, know well when clients are doing this. However when reading for themselves many professional readers do the same thing.  It’s human to lie to oneself.  This is why when wanting a truly honest  and insightful reading it’s best to get one from from a trusted intuitive who will read purely from a place of integrity, honesty and compassion.  Better yet if a reader needs no private information from you as this assures that no personal bias from yourself is influencing your reading.


Of course there are those that feel rather then spend money on a quality product they admire, they would rather create or make the same service or product for themselves.  Years of professional experience is insignificant if they feel it can be easily duplicated.   The problem is if it does not turn out an easy venture or becomes a negative experience in doing so they may become critical of the product or service all together.

When reading for oneself often inner chatter, criticism and denials can come through. We are too close to our own issues.



Is reading for oneself a good thing?  Only if you are prepared to get a reading filled with your own personal inner chatter.  A professional psychic can look within, away from your personal perspectives, and channel the reality of your relationship, career or spiritual matter.


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