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Crossing Over Messages

As we transition to the other side of death, each of us leaves behind a unique message for our loved ones. These messages, I perceive, are not mere thoughts but energy. They are electrically imprinted, like a vinyl record, stored in an ethereal Spiritual ‘Cloud. ‘ A gifted Medium can access these imprints. They are… Read more »

Early in Early, Iowa – My Little Psychic Shop

My Psychic Shop, Maries Safe Haven, was established in 1921 as “The Teachers Cottage” in Early, Iowa. The town’s first school was built half a block away. Tennis Court Road is one of the oldest historical streets of Early Iowa. I am proud to carry on the Teachers Cottage legacy as a Spiritual Psychic Advisor… Read more »

Sturgeon Moon – Facing My Fears

I am depressed on this Autumn Sturgeon Moon, representing a 20-foot lake fish {or Sturges Harley.} As it swirls up to the surface, bringing with it the debris from the lake bottom, it’s not unusual to feel a resurfacing of old anxieties, addictions, and sexuality. No wonder the Sturges Bike Rally is on this powerful… Read more »

Channeling Spirit With Tarot

Is using Tarot cards for spiritual messages as accurate as channeling without tools? It Depends on the Reader’s Gift. There’s no one-size-fits-all way of giving a Psychic Reading. Accuracy rules the day. Modern Intuitive Reading has important principles to remember. Here are some important principles to remember when getting a modern psychic reading: SEE AN… Read more »


As a Psychic Advisor, suddenly, I am getting calls from business owners so busy during Covid – 19 they could barely keep up now asking, “Why has my business slowed down?!” Restaurant owners that stayed open, barely able to keep up with pick-up orders and outside tents of tables, as well as skilled companies who… Read more »


Adding the next level to In-Depth Tarot Reading Learning what the numbers on the top of the cards mean, especially the Rider Wait deck, adds yet another layer to your reading, beyond just the pictures. Memorizing the numerology meanings of numbers 1 to 9, you will be able to read any deck of cards, with… Read more »


For me, and I imagine many Tarot Card Readers, there is a pivotal moment when suddenly all the book study of what the Tarot Cards mean,  hits you like a bolt of lightning and you are one with your Intuition.  At that point, you no longer need anyone else’s interpretation of what the cards mean,… Read more »

Understanding Your Crystal Child

Intuitively gifted children have always been on this earth, whether you call them Indigos, Crystals, or whatever the most popular spiritual term is. One thing is for sure. Highly Intuitive Children are often than not, accused of being liars and storytellers because what they feel and see with their intuitive vision is real.   A walk… Read more »


  With July ending, I find myself no longer interested in gardens and preparing myself for winter. This year I tell myself as an owner of huge dogs, I need insulated leather chaps over my jeans. As I sail in midair on icy concrete not on a Harley, but behind my hounds’ fury and drive,… Read more »

Sister Pandemic in the Peace Garden

Sister Pandemic came to a Self Sufficient county in the form of garden beetles. Many of the villagers who had perfect rows of vegetables, giant carrots, tomatoes, onions, potatoes by the pound, had denial. “My garden is always beautiful. I take good care of it. I’m not worried in the least.” Other gardeners lay net… Read more »