Impulse and Self Sabotage

There are days when all your best intentions are misunderstood or ignored.  The hard part is not to panic.  It’s not time to over explain, or do another good deed.  It’s time to do less. This too will pass.  Step into the shadows and resist impulsive self sabotage.  In just a matter of hours, or a few days, things  can amazingly straighten out.

Examples of Self Sabotage

  • You feel your being ignored on Face Book and go into depression.
  • You project personal paranoia by seeing others good deeds with suspicion.
  • You over react to honesty with words and text messages you can’t take back.
  • You consistently give gifts and presents, but get nothing back and feel ripped off.
  • You sooth emotional unhappiness with credit card spending.
  • You share unproven gossip to the point people avoid you.
  • You apologize constantly but for all the wrong things.
  • A night out with alcohol and friends = impulsive stupid fights.

How Impulsiveness Sabotages

When you feel misunderstood or betrayed make sure you know the facts.  Often that explosive phone call or email message you send is the worst reaction.  You can’t take it back.  The old phrase “sleep on it”  means exactly what it says.  Wake up and see how you feel the next day.  You can’t take accusations and words back like a store purchase.  Step back from your anger.  Pause a few hours….a day……even 2 days.  Magically things can improve.