As a Psychic Advisor, suddenly, I am getting calls from business owners so busy during Covid – 19 they could barely keep up now asking, “Why has my business slowed down?!” Restaurant owners that stayed open, barely able to keep up with pick-up orders and outside tents of tables, as well as skilled companies who dependably stayed open, are noticing an abandonment occurring, and it hurts!


In every case, my readings show the same thing. The post-covid world, filled with the vaccine, means more options are available. Many businesses that survived Covid need to rebuild and compete again. Over-qualified workers will find it especially hard to find a job in the next three months as unskilled workers desperate to have a job work for less. Old Covid Bussienss Survivalists are puzzled; where is the gratitude? Suddenly so many options are open again. They are the last on the list.


Variety, travel, vacation hysteria has hit a World Spring-Break mentality. But my readings also show hope. For the next three months, new special deals will be necessary to compete! As late summer approaches and wellness are standard again, customers will return like students exhausted with partying and coming home with their laundry. It’s all part of the world reopening from Post- Covid-19 quarantine.