Early in Early, Iowa – My Little Psychic Shop

My Psychic Shop, Maries Safe Haven, was established in 1921 as “The Teachers Cottage” in Early, Iowa. The town’s first school was built half a block away. Tennis Court Road is one of the oldest historical streets of Early Iowa. I am proud to carry on the Teachers Cottage legacy as a Spiritual Psychic Advisor and Author.

In 2015 I purchased an 11-foot tall bicycle made from American Steel tractor parts. Placed as a marker at the end of the road, it measures the snow after blizzards in the winter and, in the summer, is vined with Indigo Morning Glories.

Because I believe a Psychic Shop should be an “Experience” one remembers, I have entrance gateways, giant stone and concrete sculptures encircled by Hosta, and flowers. Our lane is umbrellaed with a network of trees and happy squirrels. The sound of deep resonating chimes lilts in the air.

Filled to the brim with happy, healthy plants in Autumn and winter, “Maries Safe Haven”, the “Teachers Cottage,” has a 1950s antique cafe booth table for readings, awaiting scheduled visitors, for recorded Tarot and Palmistry. My decor is simple, artistic, Boho.