For me, and I imagine many Tarot Card Readers, there is a pivotal moment when suddenly all the book study of what the Tarot Cards mean,  hits you like a bolt of lightning and you are one with your Intuition.  At that point, you no longer need anyone else’s interpretation of what the cards mean, because what they “mean” is owned by YOU.  YOUR INTUITION is in sync with your client, not a cold study book.

It’s really no different than the moment that a person studying music theory is bowled over by hearing the notes they see on paper.  Or the lead guitar player that watches their fingers fly across the fretboard watching their soul move their fingers in a passionate union with other instruments.

READING is the same way. At what point does a child learning the alphabet suddenly GET IT and be able to read?  It’s the “Hellen Keller” moment.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you watch this classic video of when a deaf/blind child GETS IT and comprehends Brail.

Hellen Keller grew up to be a mean, lean, talking, reading brail machine.  Thats what happens when what hit you as a pivotal understanding moment becomes a part of who you are like an appendage on your body. And it’s not just reading Tarot, Brail, or Music!

@ Its when it hits you its time to leave a bad situation

@ Its when it hits you’ve grown past an old dream, and need to try a new path

@ Its when it hits you your holding on to a property or home owned by someone you love that has died, and need to move to live again.

@ Its when it hits you how much that controlling the kid’s lives is making them run from you.

@ It’s when you realize you have spent so much time telling people what you’re going to do, but never do it, that no one takes you seriously anymore.

And this is what a Master Tarot Reader, like myself, can help you with.  Intuition is a part of my blood and muscles.  After years and years of reading for people, with thousands of client reviews between two national advisory lines, and personal one to one readings, I give folks the insight to see with clarity for their Hellen Keller moment.  You may not always like it, but I have seen how people always come back.  And that is what matters.  In case you would like to try a reading with me, please go to https://www.thecallingoflight.com/services