Hosta Magic and Mystical Gardens

In the late 1990’s I fell in love with Hostas, at the same time I purchased an acre of shady land with the ugliest grass you have ever seen. It seemed only logical to plant shade-loving plants and my journey of Mystical Shade gardening with Hostas began. Soon pathways, arches, harmonious wind chimes and an Angel Sculpture as tall as I was merged together. I will admit I was jealous of my sun-loving friends with their awesome flower beds. At that time, a tour of my Hosta gardens brought pity due to my lack of vibrant colorful blossoms waving in the sun.


But something amazing happened. Within eight years, Hosta madness took over America. This gave me the confidence to invest in exotic specimens, some as high in price as $150.00. Giant shade plants, encircled by textured, striped and puckered Hostas surround me. With each plant I am adding my spiritual footprint, infusing my energy deep into the land with my shovel and dreams.

Walk on a lane of Shade Hostas and you will feel the magic. They are forgiving, powerful and intriguing, taking over your heart and soul as the Fairies settle in.