Spirituality is very “niche.”  By this, I mean how Intuitives receive their information is extremely important for TV ratings.  When Mediums are hot, Psychics are not.  Just as the style of jeans and make up changes, so does the method for Spiritual information.  Astrology had a time when every newspaper in America had a column, about the same era the general consensus was being a Masseuse did not mean you were a prostitute. When Main Stream America accepts you, your 15 minutes of fame rock!  But back to Intuitives, do you want to talk to a deceased loved one? Or gain information about your love life, career, and everyday life?  I have found when it comes to real-life situations, people no longer want a Medium, they consult the cards.  And as a reader for 40 years, I know this for sure.  When receiving a Psychic Reading the only thing that matters is accuracy.


Whether one uses Tarot or not to reach a channeling level of clarity is irrelevant. Ask yourself this; when you walked away from your reading how much truth came through giving no information but your first name? And here is an important one! When you woke up the next day after your reading, was it helpful, or too good to be true?  Probably most important,  did your reader remind you that you always have free will? Or are they cold-calling you that you need another reading. {That’s a no no}


* Each and every day we are reading symbols called the Alphabet. As children, we are taught to connect these symbols to form a sound and thought.

* When we Connect these thoughts and sounds a story can be transferred, in a skill we call “Reading” freeing us to read another’s thoughts from the future or distant past! We do this every day whether “reading” the Bible, a School book, a newspaper or the back of a Cereal Box.

* The ability to read Tarot effortlessly, follows these same rules. First, the memory of what the symbols on the cards mean.

* In time, the ability to connect the gift of Intuition TRANSFERS thoughts and emotions with someone from the distant past, present or future.

In this same way, Tarot is a tool of intuition and a means to fill in empathic visions with rich detail, aided by the raw, natural gift of the psychic reader.