There are Many Kinds of Teachers

A life teacher inspires the people they encounter whether crossing the street, speaking in a bus or airport terminal or in sharing information with those who reach out.

My  father was a history teacher and whether building a kite or watching thunder storms,  children and animals were drawn to him.  It  seemed even when not in the class room, he loved to teach.  My grandmother  and mother also were teachers, as is my sister.  Born Indigo, with “Additional Dimension Disorder”, my greatest challenge in life was learning to shut out the overwhelming lessons energy was instructing me on, a wisdom too challenging for my years.  I felt messages from trees, animals, the whispers of children’s minds, and even in silence.  At 19 I realized I had a wonderful gift of vision and began the journey of intuitive reading and coaching.  My dream found me, and I followed.

There are Many Kinds of Teachers

I have expressed in this blog how the tough times as well as the good days contribute to our strengths.  Teachers can come in the guise of writers, artists, and the wise soul that touches the hearts of each person they encounter.  A good teacher will tell you of the joy they experience when they see the spark in the eyes of those they inspire.

When the last souls are standing it  will not  be one’s education that saves the world, but the ability to teach survival, strategy and share historical lessons. Natural teachers are born. I am an ancient form … an intuitive that shares emotional, spiritual and life lessons.  Like my father children and animals are drawn to my energy. There are many forms of teachers.

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