Mothers Day with Meno Pause {Stilettos in the Garden}

When I was in my 30’s I asked a sweating woman having hot flashes next to me at work what it was like having MenoPause.  She looked at me, smiled, and said “You know I am a gentle person right?  I would never hurt anyone.  Last week in the store I wanted to kill a woman for standing in front of the celery.”  I remember looking at her in shock and disbelief.


And then my Meno Pause came years later.  I remember the day well.  My son had forgotten me on Mothers Day.  Usually a gentle soul, I watched the clock tick by later and later, with out a call or flowers at the door.  Suddenly, all the pent in anger and resentments of my life surfaced  at one time.   I could bear no more!


I dialed his number and screamed “Damn It!  Don’t you think I have feelings?  How could you forget me on Mothers Day?!  Aghast in bed next to his wife, I could hear my sleepy son become 2 years old.  “Mom!  Oh God!  I am so sorry!   It completely slipped my mind.  Mom?…….{at this point I slammed down the phone}  I began to sweat profusely, the menopause demon slipping away, hearing the words of my dear work companion echo “ You know I wanted to kill her for standing in front of the celery.”


Shortly after this moment of “Mother Theressa enters into a Chicago knife fight” moment, the most wonderful calm entered into me and for the first time ever I felt an incredible peace.   The great part is that my son has never forgotten me on Mother’s Day since.  It’s too bad I waited so long to take my “Bitch Pill”.   It’s wonderful being a Prairie Crone wise woman.

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