New Car or Tornado Shelter?

{Sending prayers to the victims of the storm}

Funny how life is.  Just the other week we were pouring our hard earned cash into a billion dollar lotto ticket dream with odds of  actually winning 176 million to one. Yet we could taste it and feel it like that billion was already ours.  Ignored was the much better odds of a natural disaster slapping us down.  Tornadoes slammed into Texas and Oklahoma, sending us into the center of total carnage.  And the total cost of damage?  Ironically one billion dollars, the same as the lotto winning ticket.

As Tornadoes, Floods and Hurricanes spin wreckage and death into our lives, we find ourselves wondering why we don’t give much thought and priority to having a storm shelter.  It just seems easier to not deal with these thoughts until its time to run like ants.

Sure we give the idea 15 minutes of fame, then spit it out the other side of our mouths.  And all the while our practical intuition screams at us… “Screw buying that new car. Just take $4000.00 and invest in a storm shelter to save your life….your family….your dog.

A total waste of money!” he yelled. She had it built anyway.

Almost always we push our sensible inner voice away and buy the new car or vacation or house.   In relationships  one partner or spouse often disagrees with the others worst case scenario and it just begins to be too much drama to talk about. Although the news spoke of a guy who reluctantly let his wife have a storm shelter built on their land….”a total waste of money!” he bitched to her.  She had it built any way.  Now he is singing praise with videos of he and his family entering into their cave before the E5 hit.  She was right!  In most cases it takes just one logical partner to foresee the inevitable and take action.  Security is a good thing.  Right?

Its easy to point a finger of accusation

When a 2 mile wide E5 hit Oklahoma I bet the schools where the children died were asking themselves why they didn’t invest in a massive storm shelter in a town ravaged 3 times by tornadoes. And why didn’t the parents INSIST that a shelter was built before it was too late?  Its easy to point a finger of accusation and not look at ourselves and our own stupidity and denial.  Our earth is changing.  Though we may not believe bomb shelters are going to save us anymore, increasingly we will see tornadoes and hurricanes increase in violence and number.   Its a fact jack and the times are changing. Prepare.

PROPERTY OWNER AFRAID OR RUINING YOUR ASCETIC APPEAL?  {I’m ashamed to say I was one of these until seeing this pretty little shelter.}  Here is a finished storm shelter for garden landscapers with common sense.