Crossing Over Messages

As we transition to the other side of death, each of us leaves behind a unique message for our loved ones. These messages, I perceive, are not mere thoughts but energy. They are electrically imprinted, like a vinyl record, stored in an ethereal Spiritual ‘Cloud. ‘ A gifted Medium can access these imprints. They are , found around the presence of the bereaved, in their physical body, voice, or the energy they emit. Each message is a deeply personal imprint, a testament to the bond shared with the departed.


In their spiritual form, our loved ones watch over us and communicate through dreams, feelings, and scents. However, requesting their return to earth for a conversation is not appropriate. Imagine the comfort of being at your kitchen table, only to be suddenly transported to a relative’s house, bombarded with a barrage of questions. This rude intrusion would disrupt the peace and harmony of their spiritual existence.

I Focus On Reading the Stored Message Meant Solely For You

While I can communicate with a loved one who has crossed over, I choose not to. I hold a profound reverence for the transition of the dead and new phase they have entered. I refrain from asking them to interact for a question-and-answer session. Instead, I focus on reading the stored message they left behind on their passing, which is meant solely for you, as a testament to their journey and bond.

Let the dead who have crossed the veil, gone through their chrysalis sleep, and received their glory watch over you without any disturbance or question.

Soothing Spiritual; Messages
Soothing Messages from the Other Side.