Prayers to the Angels *

The red heart dream catcher swayed in the window breeze. Laura lay on her side on the bed whispering a prayer to her angels, “Let me love someone nice, not the ones that hurt me.”  She was addicted to anxiety, and even though everyone saw her “strong,” when she was in love she became a pleading little girl.

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SHE SAW HER MOTHER CRY EVERY DAY SHE GREW UP In the same way her Mom could predict and win contracts at her corporation, Laura could predict her mothers moves with each man that walked into her life. Something about her mom changed. Maybe her mother “trained” the worst in each man to come out. Crying, angry, chain smoking cigarettes in binges between health food and running became worse the older Laura got as her mothers competitive spirit would compare Laura’s looks with her own. 

Each time a new man came into her mother’s life it was the same. “Well…what do you think? ” her mom would ask. Laura would smile, “Seems nice” she would say without emotion. When Mom was in love there was shopping, long walks, interest in Lura’s life, and week days were exiting and fun. But increasingly this was like walking on glass. When the guys paraded out the door Mom crashed and the oxygen and happiness filled with poison. Laura swore she would never let a relationship ruin her life and she would always pick nice guys.


They say when learning a new skill at a job or art form, learn the steps the correct way or you risk hurting your performance later. Unfairly if what we see our loving parents repeat is hurtful and dark, we may say we will never act that way, but the patterns are very much downloaded in us. This is when counseling, intuitive life coaches and influential spiritual books can help us to see our shadows, confront them, and advise on the relationship patterns in our life. With an open mind and desire for change we do not have to become victims of love, and learn how our choices may be sabotaging our life. There is always hope and you will find the happiness you deserve. There is always a tomorrow holding loving arms out to you. Never forget a prayer to your angels to guide you to an empowering life of joy.

Ann Marie – Certified Heart Felt Reader 37+ Yrs