Psychic Reading VS Counseling Session

What are the differences between a Psychic Reading and a Therapy Session? An Intuitive Advisor speaks on what they see and feel on the client’s questions through a reading. A therapist guides the client to find the answers to their own problems.


If you have ever watched a gifted psychic read, there is a sort of head tilt, where their eyes close, or look up to the side, as they listen to their client’s question. This is called “Psychic listening.” The reader is processing what they hear within, as they “ping” into the voice tone, words, and energy of the seeker. Rarely does an authentic psychic blurt their reflections without “Pinging,” first.

A Therapist listens, more than speaks and asks questions of the client. {What do you think?” “How did that make you feel”} while coaxing a client to speak on their personal choices, why they made them, throughout childhood, family, and life. This is their professional training in a traditional patient/Dr method for emotional healing.

Basic Rules For Psychic Listening

A. Value the Client Relationship. An Intuitive should only read when their own life is manageable, and they feel well. Unlike the strategic educational methods of a therapist, a Psychic’s gift is in the moment, and clarity is vital in interpretation. What they feel and hear within the vocal tone of their client, resides the information to read on. And yes, often it is the opposite of what is being told to them. Feeling, hearing through empathic skills is dependent on a reader’s ability to get out of their own life. Illness, worry, or a bad day can shut down a gift.

There are two main Styles Of Reading and relaying information:
Sugar Coated, and Direct Honesty,

1} A Sugar Coated Reading softens the truth of what is intuitively seen, and the reader becomes more of a friend than a Psychic Counselor. The problem with this is eventually, the client will feel lied to. Which, in fact, they have been as the reader spares their feelings. They become the enemy and the source of many bad raps for Psychics in blogs and lawsuits. But this is the price the reader pays. This reader can only charm a client so many times on their dollar before they are seen as the enemy.

2} The Direct Honesty Reader tells it like they see it, right away, when reading on questions. I have found this is the best way to read. Some clients become furious, but others will thank the honest reader. A few will leave an angry review. Then, miraculously, they return to tell the reader they slandered, that they were the ONLY accurate psychic.


As far as I know, no one on this planet is right all of the time. This goes for Psychic Readers as well as Therapists. There are Hits, and there are Misses. It happens to Dr’s, Lawyers, Ministers, Wall Street, and, most of all, on our own life choices. Consistency matters, allowing for a few misses without shame. Clients must know, “They always have free will, and the future is changeable according to their wise actions.” No amount of truth and clarity can change the blocks Self Sabotage

BOTH Psychics and Therapists can advise, listen, assure, agree and disagree so that truth is made clear. But if a client makes choices that self-sabotage progress, the direction will change everything a Psychic sees.

A READER NEEDS TO KNOW WHEN TO REFER A CLIENT TO OTHER SOURCES. Do not make decisions on finances, health, or legal matters. Tell what you see only. Professional Workers in specialized fields should make skilled choices ….a Psychic tells what they see and feel.

The Power of the Pause

When the reading session begins, don’t try to respond until the client has finished talking. Don’t blurt or hurry them. This is when the power of the pause should n be used. The psychic should refrain from pushing them to ask their question. When they ask a question, repeat it by asking, “Is the question you are asking ________? ” You do this so that they understand, you understand.

It is also of great help for someone who is not used to asking clarifying questions if the reader helps to word what the client can’t. By the Psychic repeating the question, they feel intuitively the client is requesting, confirms the reader has been listening and understands.

It is easy to get lost in one’s professionalism and forget how to be human and friendly. A reader’s client will return if they learn to relax. On the other hand, it is essential for some clients seeking a reading to point out a reader’s flaws and tell them that they are wrong. Just listen. Don’t get angry. This is likely their way of saving their ego. They seek the “upper hand.”

5} Psychic Readers should listen to the tone of their client’s voice. In it lies the energy of their spiritual life story. Acknowledging that they are attentive with small responses, just listening, they will be able to read better, know the emotional flow of their client, and when to wind your reading down.