Psychics with Better Insurance?

A car with two cute girls spins into the parking spot of an older woman. The older woman watches in shock as they steal her place, and slams her fists on the driver’s wheel in disgust. The two beauties climb out of their car, laugh sarcastically at her, and walk towards the store. As the older woman takes off, she slams her car into their cute sports car. She shouts out the window at their helpless cries, “I’ve got better Insurance!”  The movie scene is from “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

Contending with summer college girls on the Psychic Line with gorgeous faces and perky cleavage as a selling point for their Intuitive ability is frustrating. As a seasoned reader, { I’m over 50,} with over 30,000 reviews on the web, and 40 years of highly accurate Advisory experience, I can’t compete with big boobs.

Beauty is powerful. During the summer months selling Psychic Services becomes a convenient home summer job for novice readers and endangers the credibility of authentic advisors. Intoxicating positive “feel good” readings are a comfortable niche for the inexperienced jobless. Soon the unhappy, negative client reviews will begin, especially by the lovesick clients that want “Golden Cadilac” readings. One day they wake up realizing they have spent thousands of dollars to hear the one they love is coming back to them. It never happens.

My “Better Insurance” are my accuracy reviews, honesty and people skills. I respect Intuitives of all ages, as long as they are beyond their first deck of Tarot Cards from Barnes and Nobles. Clients expect celebrity psychic accuracy to match the stunning looks on the photo that attracted them for a reading. So I park my cyber car and smile confidently, awaiting September when the cleavage disappears, and authenticity and experience can shine like a diamond again.