Sister Pandemic in the Peace Garden

Sister Pandemic came to a Self Sufficient county in the form of garden beetles. Many of the villagers who had perfect rows of vegetables, giant carrots, tomatoes, onions, potatoes by the pound, had denial. “My garden is always beautiful. I take good care of it. I’m not worried in the least.” Other gardeners lay net over their gardens to protect their crops, much like Noah built an ark before the flood.

One day as the town villagers went to the local convenience store for their donuts and gas, word got out that the Pandemic Beetles had come to town. A neighbor’s garden, filled with the hungry beetles, had nothing left to sustain them, their entire crop stripped bare of food for the winter. Still, most in the town believed it could not happen to them. They considered local gossip to be nothing more than exaggerated threats to scare people. Besides, Pandemic Beetles only attack the lazy gardeners.

The next beautiful sunny morning, the neighborhood gardeners went into their Peace Gardens, to find Sister Pandemic had covered their bounty with flying hungry bugs. Not one vegetable was left! Overnight, the Pandemic beetles’ wiped out their food supply for the winter, ravaging everything to mush on bare stems. Those that protected their crops with nets were spared and thrived through the cruel winter on their harvest.

The moral of the story is the Pandemic can hit even the most healthy. Will you be protected, or doubt it can happen to you.