Soul Scent – Haunting Attraction

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Wearing a scent that becomes our identity is like a silk thread that connects us to the earth when we die and are gone. When we are young Pheromone Scent can attract a Soul Mate. Perfumed love letters can bring back the memory of a passionate lover and wearing an old shirt or coat filled with the scent of a loved one or friend after a break up, divorce or death, brings them back to us for just a moment or day. All of this points to the importance of having a unique oil or perfume designed personally by an artisan “scent crafter.” 


We are drawn to people that walk past us with a delicious aroma. Ask them what scent they are wearing and some become as secretive as giving away a family recipe. After all, this is THEIR ID Scent. Why would they want to be duplicated? Frustratingly, a scent that a friend wears may smell totally different on us. This problem can be resolved by making an appointment with a local Scent Crafter or Aroma Therapist whose job is to aid in designing a signature oil or perfume that works best with our chemistry. Remember! Our body chemistry changes with age.


There is a time in every woman’s life when she feels the attraction she used to receive despite how beautiful she still is, the clothing she wears, or the shape of her body she still keeps – is not what it used to be. This is because the opposite sex is drawn to baby making pheromones and when these reproduction pheromones are gone, so is the infatuating scent of sexual reproduction that turns heads like Voo Doo. Instead of feeling “Invisible” go for “Irresistible” with the aid of a professional aromatherapist or Scent Crafter.

A beautiful compatible scent on our skin can turn heads where ever we go, land a job, draw friends, and even fill in paint strokes about our personality with out saying a word.

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