Sturgeon Moon – Facing My Fears

I am depressed on this Autumn Sturgeon Moon, representing a 20-foot lake fish {or Sturges Harley.}

As it swirls up to the surface, bringing with it the debris from the lake bottom, it’s not unusual to feel a resurfacing of old anxieties, addictions, and sexuality.

No wonder the Sturges Bike Rally is on this powerful Sturgeon Moon, where Harley warriors on beautiful steel steeds ride across the nation to gather like a Viking Festivity, fed pancakes by grey-haired grannies. The contradictions give unity and a kick in the butt to this Sturgeon Moon.

Old Emotions Resurface

I wake to a grey dingy sky of Canadian Smoke. Overflowing pots of white flowers on high posts greet my eyes and make me smile. A strange, lonely uneasiness haunts me. Three months before the snow flies. Like the Sturges Ralley, the need for action and teamwork inspires me to kick into high gear for the present year ending.

Gather the wood for the fires, = Get Stuff Done Before You Can’t

Whether you need a reserve job for the coming heating bill {or, like me, more hours Reading Tarot for clients.} New tires and a tune-up for approaching storms, reestablishing and healing old wounds with a close friend or partner, gathering the veggies before they rot, and traveling before it’s impossible, – It’s time to change with the times and not float in suspended animation.

Reading My Internal Map

This is the month of teamwork. As a creative, this isn’t easy. No matter how gifted or exceptional one’s art form is, alone, is alone. Not everyone who is talented is good at shouting praise for themselves. Post Covid marked a changing of the guard in ideas, tastes, and attitudes. Friendships will heal this lonely ache. Time to read and analyze my Internal Map. What is my destination? Just exactly where am I going? Do I need a dependable road trip passenger to share the journey? Or go solo?


Like the 20-foot lake bottom-Sturgeon, old past-life emotions can rise to the top, triggered by a calendar date, weather conditions, smell, or color. Give them all a hug. You may not understand why they have returned, but this is a chance to confront them and heal all things love, life, and spirit.