The Healer – The Odd Child

It started when she was very young. Her hands were often hot, and people were drawn to her “listening” eyes. A source she felt deep within made her seem mature beyond her years. At school, she was not popular and did not fit in. Seldom lonely, she found being around people exhausting. Her ability to tune in to suffering made her feel sad. Her habit of sitting alone, shutting off her mind, worried her Grandfather. She seemed to be listening to a ghost radio.  Her eyes locked in a gaze. A hermit-artist, perhaps he related to her in an unconscious way. “She’s an odd child, isn’t she?” he would say to her mother.

Characteristics of Healers

Most Healers have a spiritual connection with a higher power to which they connect and refresh through Prayer, meditation, or divine symbols. At times they seem to shut off from everything around them as they “plugin” to the “Universal Computer”.

When a sequence of Prayer, repeated like a chant, becomes like a mantra, it strengthens the connection with Divine Spiritual Energy. There is no right way or wrong way to do this. For each Healer, it is personal. As children, most do this naturally.

Many healers make a daily effort to connect themselves to the “Divine Source” or “Universal Consciousness.” Meditation strengthens them and keeps them from “burning out.” Because they have an unusual ability to tune in to suffering, Healers may seem thoughtful or sad. As if waking up from sleep, they can suddenly become joyful and animated, fully rejuvenated after “plugging in” to Source. Call this God Energy, White Light, Angelic Guidance, all just words for the same thing. This gift will start in small children. And yes, some will call it “Odd”. Recognize it for what it is.

Most Spiritual Healers are satisfied and enjoy what they have

Each healer tunes into a different frequency and facet of Source. Some hear, some smell, some feel and connect in their unique way.
There is a belief that Healers that live authentic lives that “walk their talk” will be given a greater connection with Divine Consciousness.
Most Spiritual Healers are not wealthy and understand that working with spirit is not a walk with wealth.

Wealth does not make one less spiritual, but many people believe “the vow of poverty” is part of Christ and Buddhist teachings.
A common belief is that Humans have access to an unlimited source of Divine Spiritual Energy and knowledge when life is simple.
Wealth offers more temptation causing many spiritual healers to lose their way.

Types of Spiritual Healing Practitioners

The definition of Healing is: To restore to health or soundness; To set right; To restore (a person or animal) to spiritual wholeness.
Spiritual Healing is unique in that it connects to divine spiritual energy as its Source and that while the Healer is in a meditative state, the connection that happens is when the Healing takes place.

Kinds of Alternative Spiritual Healers

Spiritual Therapeutic Touch Healer – Reiki, Ortho-Bionomy, Shiatsu, Acupuncture,
Sacred Heart Healing – Intuitive Life Coaching, Channeling, Mediumship.
Spiritual Faith Healing – The power of the church/ tribe/ mind to heal by immersing personal body frequency into divine light, whether God light, Universal light or Prayer is powerful for healing the sick, It is always advised:

The combination of both Spiritual and Medical Healing for serious illness is the most balanced way of cure.

Conclusion – What is a Healer

There are many kinds of healers. All people of ethical service to a community and its people should be respected. Drs, Dentists, Counselors, Fire Fighters, City Organizers, and Social Service workers heal, uniquely, entire communities. We would be dysfunctional without them.

The Odd Child

The Odd Child, who seems to have a special gift from infancy that brings trust in troubled or wounded animals and people, “plugs in” to the unseen.
A born healer, they often sacrifice to a life where the money is not as important as the passion for eliminating suffering. Often, unintentionally, they can become the mascot for churches or TV shows. Slaves to their compassion, they endure jungles, poverty, unsafe crime, and environments of chaos to aid the elimination of misery.