“The Woman Card” – Knight of Swords

Recent comments by Donald Trump have indicated this is the era of “the woman card”. When reading on exactly what Tarot card would represent women in this era I get “Knight of Swords” who can be both a positive or negative person, depending on  what surrounds them.  They can be the rescuer, the champion, an entity out to win, to conquer, and  even step on others in their attempt to achieve.  In Hillary Clinton’s case, she will not go down with out a fight.  In Ted Cruz’s presidential candidate for Vice President, Carly Fiorina, a woman card has been picked to make Ted seem more savvy. Both women are warriors at heart.


  • First of all it has been decided by many women to not be supportive of other women.  We saw what happened when Madam Albright dared to say “there is a special place in hell for women who will not support women.”  Younger women leaped up in protest announcing this as dinosaur thinking.  And indeed, reading for many successful women, some of their fiercest critics and nasty foes has become other women.  We  saw a sharp silence and refusal by women after this incident to demand the loyalty of other women just because one is a woman. Instead experience, strength and perseverance were honored.   This has become the new woman’s liberation in America.
  • In reading on the Negative Qualities of the woman’s card, “Knight of Swords” I saw:  Refusal to go back to the past anxieties of suppression.   And though this may be a good thing, I believe many men will see the new woman warrior as “out to castrate”.
  • I saw Knight of Swords, the woman card,  as channeling their greatest strength …the Glue that has held families together for centuries. Despite cheating or unemployed husbands, women have found ways to hold family together with their bodies, work and love.  They have been the roots that hold family together despite all obstacles.  In the storm they are the body that shields and covers the children.   Again though I see this as a good thing, I believe critics of women in power will see them as refusing to be flexible and give in.  Their glue and roots may be interpreted as obsessive stubbornness.
  •  “The woman’s card” was seen as  Compassion and Sensitivity. How is this bad? For centuries men have seen women as weak and over emotional.  To lead with ones heart instead of ones testosterone, by many men, seems self destructive and pure folly.  The warrior in the woman card, has the roots and perseverance to follow through with her priorities compassionately for proven allies.  Her disciplinary side is not afraid to punish for results.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most humorously. “too much open joy!” came through as the negative of women in power.  Strict disciplinary boundaries can and should be rejoiced when positive change and results happen as a result.  Testosterone is stony, silent, commanding and reserved and will not acknowledge if a woman in power is successful.  The qualities the Statue of Liberty and Joan of Arch represent both masculine and motherly attributes seen in the woman card, “knight of swords”.