Keep Your Focus – Tough Times make Amazing Mentors

Though your highway in life may twist and turn without any warning, be flexible and keep your focus.  The chapters in your life will teach you wisdom and build strategy. Tough times make amazing mentors. 

I have learned there are many teachers, but they often walk the path of least resistance.  To teach well, is to know and understand what you are teaching in a personal way that sparks a light of authenticity in students.  With out the comprehension of fully living what one teaches, it is half baked.  And as we all are teachers on this earth, to live, learn and  least one person before we die, knowing survival tools through the hard times of life passes the torch for another to survive their own tragedies.  This is not the same as screaming how enlightened you are, which is a hoax as enlightenment should not have to be announced; it is felt by others.