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Exercising Intuition

Next time you make an important decision try this: Close your eyes AND GO NUMB. If your feet feel heavy and you are tired for no reason…that’s “NO.” “Don’t do it.”… { But if you feel light, like champagne bubbles? That’s a “YES” “Go for it!” Journal your results.

Lone Wolf Social-Rapist

I am a lone wolf-social rapist that loves mystical path ways, ancient trees, good conversation, animals and coffee.   Home is the equivalent of defraging my computer, removing dirty  files absorbed through crowds and deleting subliminal rot going through my head.  I need much alone time, or I don’t know myself. As an adult Indigo this… Read more »

Zen is Calm in the Face of Disaster

All around me the homeless victims of fire walked the Denver airport in quiet search of a place to sleep. The ghost of the past brought me back in time to nineteen years old living on the streets. Maintaining calm against all odds is a God send and gift.

Keep Your Focus – Tough Times make Amazing Mentors

Though your highway in life may twist and turn without any warning, be flexible and keep your focus. The chapters in your life will teach you wisdom and build strategy. Tough times make amazing mentors.

Full Circle? Reincarnation

Its amazing how much life is like a Farris Wheel. At our highest peaks the world is brilliant and expansive. Just when we feel there’s no where to go up the Farris Wheel glides back down and we are see where we started from. Then up..up…UP it goes again.

Zen Gold * Achieve Radio

The light is on for you at Achieve Radio. Whether an inspiring guest, meditation or a free master tarot reading with me you are always welcome.

Be Fulfiled Today as Women * Interview with Gail McMeekin

To feel fulfilled is a choice and what makes women sparkle! Fulfillment does NOT suddenly happen when you have a Masters Degree, loss of weight, or published a book. Join Ann Marie as she interviews Women’s Guru Author, Gail McMeekin that will change how you perceive “success.”