Understanding Your Crystal Child

Intuitively gifted children have always been on this earth, whether you call them Indigos, Crystals, or whatever the most popular spiritual term is. One thing is for sure. Highly Intuitive Children are often than not, accused of being liars and storytellers because what they feel and see with their intuitive vision is real.  

A walk on a woodland path surrounded by Native American totem animals, not because they KNOW them to be so, but because they feel their raw energy, may leave you bewildered as they tell you a story in which they walked with a wolf, or bear, or fawn. And they did, in the realm of their Intuitive.  


How To Raise a Crystal Child

So how does a grown-up listen to these “tall tales” from their Crystal child? How does one respond when what they hear from the mouth of their highly gifted child sounds like a fabricated story? 

Say, “You have a special gift to feel these things. Do you know what a vision is? A vision is when you can see and feel what others can’t. But be careful. People can be mean. If what you say is not what people without your gift see or hear, they will call you a liar. Share your gift only with special people you trust.”

 It’s Not What You Say, But to Whom and How You Speak Truth

Establishing to the Intuitive child that what they see and feel that others do not, is unique, you are avoiding shame. By showing it is not WHAT you say, but HOW you speak your truth, establishes people skills.  

It is also important to point out no one gift is better than another. 

When Are Intuitive Kids Accused of Being Liars?

1} The most common occurrence is the child that sees spirits and strange sights in the night. Even if their brother or sister is sleeping in the same room utterly oblivious to anything, the Intuitive child tunes into another dimension and sees, feels, smells, and hears what the more normal child can’t.

2} Children with Imaginary Friends Noone else can see. Children who feel, see, and hear the energy from animals, trees, houses, and spirits are gifts that leave them by their early teens. Others own this skill all their life.

3} Intuitive Children can predict an impending divorce, a parent’s secret thoughts, a death, or a crisis.

4} Some Intuitive children can describe their past life, where they lived, and family members before their rebirth. On researching the facts, and a parent sees the child’s impossibility making these facts up, it’s time to realize you must rationalize from the Intuitive Childs perspective.