Wife’s Woodland Angel Haven, Golfing Husbands Hell


When a Liberal tree hugger wife and Conservative husband married there was more to contend with than their opposite political views.  He wanted his NASCAR models and huge Aviation plane from the cold war, artistically stenciled on wood in three sections, showcased in the living room.  She, on the other hand, loved Dream Catchers, nature paintings, crystals, and Amethyst displayed.  So she bought the fixer-upper house across the lane for a super deal, had a carpenter girlfriend gut it out, and now it is a Sanctuary for her gardens and personal Psychic Reading clients.

Time to time her Conservative Husband grumbles on double water and heating bills.  Since this is not a place for cooking, it needs no stove or refrigerator, just a coffee pot, and microwave.  No need for hot water, the cold water works just fine for her multitude of plants that come in when cold weather sets in turning the interior into an Oxygen enriched jungle.  “Perfect for a COVID – 19 virus recovery room, – SHOULD they get it, ” she reasons.  And he has to admit that is true.  And when an occasional political argument surfaces or his rowdy brother visits, it’s a good “Time-Out” place to escape to.

However, golf practice is hell on earth for the Conservative husband, who time to time finds a garden obstructing long-distance shots, and she finds the head of a sculpture knocked off by a flying ball.  It’s OK.  He comes home every night, is predictable, loves the animals and that’s a precious commodity worth every rowdy battle over the years they have had together.


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