Month: November 2010

Keep Your Focus – Tough Times make Amazing Mentors

Though your highway in life may twist and turn without any warning, be flexible and keep your focus. The chapters in your life will teach you wisdom and build strategy. Tough times make amazing mentors.

Ann Marie’s Studio

My metaphysical tea house is on a tree canopied lane of ancient trees, stone sculptures and gardens resonating with the deep toned Zen of Chimes.  In the spring the lane is filled with an explosion of tulips.  In the summer the Hostas come alive.  Along with being an Intuitive Life Coach, I am an Angel… Read more »

Animal Angels

Animal Angels teach us compassion.  Through the act of caring for animals we relieve emotional pain, sleep better, are more physically healthy and eliminate loneliness.  They are the subject matter of beautiful photographs and paintings.

Full Circle? Reincarnation

Its amazing how much life is like a Farris Wheel. At our highest peaks the world is brilliant and expansive. Just when we feel there’s no where to go up the Farris Wheel glides back down and we are see where we started from. Then up..up…UP it goes again.