Full Circle? Reincarnation

Isn’t it amazing how just when you think you know it all, a profound conversation or life event changes the way you see things?  It happens so quickly!  It’s called “growth”.  You are on top of the Farris Wheel, firm in your beliefs, then back down you glide to the bottom forced to see where you came from with new appreciation.  Suddenly up..up you glide again.  “Zen” is in the knowing life is a circle and this pattern will happen again and again.  The saying, “Going with the flow” means you stop fighting the process, and absorb the life lesson.  Reincarnation is speaking to your soul process.


Regardless of Faith, Creed and Race, we are accountable for our life choices.  Reincarnation is the life process of soul wisdom.  But what about all the conflicting view points on reincarnation?


THEORY: We Must Experience the Victim, the Abuser, the Winner, the Loser until full Soul Wisdom is Ours.

In this teaching true soul wisdom, it is said,  is in experiencing every life journey whether one is the victim, the abuser, the winner or the loser and the only way to do this is through the experience of many life times.  It is taught that the Universe is neutral, and like a  chemistry lab of ingredients, what ever we put out in our own intentions will be returned in like energy by the Universe.  In this theory it is encouraged to live in joy and unconditional love.  But if we choose in a life time to be the serial killer, the class room assassin, or the Hitler,…the manipulative Wall Street con who takes full advantage of others misfortune, it will be our journey in our next life to become the victim.  In order to experience the full spectrum of possibilities,  it is believed the Universe chooses our next life journey in it’s infinite wisdom, according to our life choices.    Call it God, Spirit, the Universe or Energy.  Whether you believe this life is your only one, or other life times await you, the common denominator is your choices in this life will have an effect on your soul journey.

Where are you now?

Is your child an Old Soul with Inner Wisdom?   What path you have chosen?