Monthly Archives: December 2012

Zen Gold Readings with Ann Marie

Ann Marie offers heart to heart Zen Gold Readings and as a Seasoned Master Tarot Adviser 37+ years, will shine a flash light on your tornado life crisis and guide you on your sacred life journey by phone, Skype and text. Your angels are speaking, hear them? Continue Reading

Exercising Intuition

Next time you make an important decision try this: Close your eyes AND GO NUMB. If your feet feel heavy and you are tired for no reason…that’s “NO.” “Don’t do it.”… { But if you feel light, like champagne bubbles? That’s a “YES” “Go for it!” Journal your results. Continue Reading

Lone Wolf Social-Rapist

I am a lone wolf-social rapist that loves mystical path ways, ancient trees, good conversation, animals and coffee.   Home is the equivalent of defraging my computer, removing dirty  files absorbed through crowds and deleting subliminal rot going through my head.  I need much alone time, or I don’t know myself. As an adult Indigo this… Continue Reading