Exercising Intuition

We are all Intuitive.  If man kind had not had hunches and gut feelings about survival through the Ice Age and natural disasters it is doubtful we would exist at this time in history.  Our creative development into civilization  be it the first wheel, a cure for the plague, electricity and air craft was based on raw intuitive gut feelings..  Some of us exercise inner vision as much as athletes exercise for the Olympics.  So when you doubt psychic vision is real, think twice.


I encourage you to exercise your Intuition.  A simple example would be to close your eyes, think a question, then open your eyes.  What is the first thing your eyes land on?  Describe it.  What is the surface..bumpy or smooth?  What color is it?  What does that color mean to you? Is it alive, or a still object? What adjectives would you use to describe it? Let all these “symbolic” descriptions be the answer to your problem.  Practice this over and over.  Its OK if at first you just have fun.  In time, with consistency, you will be exercising inner vision in the same way you exercise your mind with brain games.  Congratulations!