Lone Wolf Social-Rapist

I am a lone wolf-social rapist that loves mystical path ways, ancient trees, good conversation, animals and coffee.   Home is the equivalent of defraging my computer, removing dirty  files absorbed through crowds and deleting subliminal rot going through my head.  I need much alone time, or I don’t know myself.

As an adult Indigo this was not possible, as school forces children to not only fit into a tight box of standards, but to have very little time to be alone.  My escape was art and music.  I see music and art as intuitive inner reflection and outlet,  very tied to spiritual timing and flow.  The shock comes when once again unique creativity is encouraged to follow rules, in which case many Indigos rebel, become angry or go “shell shock”.  I was raised with prayer, intelligent conversation and to think of animals as soul friends. I have lived on the streets, gone into religious euphoria, into atheism and into a complete soul bonding with spirit.  I call this my angels. I am a full time certified reader.