Month: August 2023

Early in Early, Iowa – My Little Psychic Shop

My Psychic Shop, Maries Safe Haven, was established in 1921 as “The Teachers Cottage” in Early, Iowa. The town’s first school was built half a block away. Tennis Court Road is one of the oldest historical streets of Early Iowa. I am proud to carry on the Teachers Cottage legacy as a Spiritual Psychic Advisor… Read more »

Sturgeon Moon – Facing My Fears

I am depressed on this Autumn Sturgeon Moon, representing a 20-foot lake fish {or Sturges Harley.} As it swirls up to the surface, bringing with it the debris from the lake bottom, it’s not unusual to feel a resurfacing of old anxieties, addictions, and sexuality. No wonder the Sturges Bike Rally is on this powerful… Read more »